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Stanley Greenthal: First Song
Stanley Greenthal is a talented multi-instrumentalist from the Northwest of the U.S. He even employs some instruments new to my ears including the laouto, lavta, bendir and the daouli. With such an international flavor (and) the instrumentation just as varied… First Song is a fascinating voyage to the highlands of Scotland, the Breton lands and the islands of the Mediterranean. (click here to read full review)

- Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out!


First Song has got to be Stanley's best recording yet.  A beautifully crafted and mature selection of songs and tunes, which glide effortlessly from the Isles of Scotland to Crete and Turkey.  Fine musicianship throughout.

- Robin Williamson


First Song: The Waves
The bouzouki…comes from Greece, and the word is also Greek, possibly derived from Turkish. So maybe that explains the mix of musical influences in the work of Stanley Greenthal. “The Waves” is an original song, sung in English, but inspired by the songwriting techniques of Crete…The result is hypnotic and beautiful…a powerful metaphor for love. First Song is an album with many such treasures. It makes unexpected connections, and finds a common beauty in varied traditions. (click here to read full review)

- Darius Rips, Oliver di Place music blog


Stanley Greenthal: First Song
Greenthal creates beautiful music that is inspired by and imbued with the traditional folk sounds of Crete, Scotland, Brittany, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia… Greenthal and band are particularly adept at tugging on the listener's heartstrings. It must be the emotional depth and timelessness of the lovingly rendered instrumentation that achieves this evocative impact. On "The Sleeping Tune," for instance, the bouzouki and mandolin are played with such delicacy and feel that this pipe tune by Scottish piper Gordon Duncan generates an elusive, hard-to-define glow that almost aches with nostalgia… All fifteen tracks on First Song are a pleasure to experience due to the deft musicianship of Greenthal and his band and the deep appreciation that each of the players has for the folk traditions that they triumphantly champion. (click here to read full review)

- Graham Blackley, Trad and Now, Australia's No.1 monthly traditional and contemporary folk, blues, roots, alternative, bluegrass and world music magazine



“A gifted instrumentalist and writer with a sharp eye for detail and poetic flair, Stanley Greenthal stands among the finest neo Celtic talents. Turning Towards You is a musical feast.”

- John O’ Regan, Rock ’N’ Reel, UK


"Greenthal is an intelligent songwriter. You can tell a great deal of thought and compassion have gone into his imagery. Three lovely instrumentals round out what is a compelling and most thoughtful recording."

- Jim Lee, Dirty Linen


"Insightful and tasteful original songs with distinctive guitar styling— Songs with heart.”

- Robin Williamson


“That’s surely some fine music - lovely instrumental work against the texture of his voice. Stanley puts musical thoughts together very nicely.”

- Gordon Bok


“Greenthal utilises quite striking imagery, and communicates all the more succinctly through his quiet assuming vocal style, and his proficient use of guitar and mandocello. A talent on view for you.” 

- Folk Roots, UK


“In Stanley Greenthal’s music, images belong to the listener. All Roads is a testament to all the places and events that inspire people to make music.”

- Cathy Ragland, The Seattle Times


“The singer-songwriter’s gentle compositions reach beyond the obvious comparisons. Greenthal’s music both reflects a worldly sensibility — and embraces that which is beloved to him. Turning Towards You is a sensitive, honest album from a versatile musician.”

-  Devra First, New Age


“Greenthal works in a complex acoustic form, done so well as to appear simple. The result is the illumination of the quiet, inward choices that haunt all of us.”

-   Stewart Francke, CD Review


“The recording quality is first class right the way through both sides and all 11 tracks. The sound quality is clean, sharp and definitely acoustic. Songs for the Journey comes highly recommended as an addition to your collection.”

- Rick Christian, BBC Essex, and Essex Folk News, Essex, England


Songs for the Journey is a treasure from the Pacific Northwest, beautifully crafted eloquent poetry combined with superb musicianship. All Roads, Greenthal’s second album, maintains the lyrical Celtic mood of his first — haunting, dreamlike, superb.”

- Danna Garcia, Canadian River Music, Amarillo, TX


Songs for the Journeyis a fine mixture of Greenthal’s moving songs and some rocking Celtic sets.”

- Steve Edge, Rogue Folk Review, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


“The healing quality of Stanley’s songs reminds one of Scotland’s Dougie MacLean. Stanley Greenthal is one of the Northwest’s finest musician/songwriters. Songs for the Journey could be a useful tool in the helping and healing professions.”

- Heidi Muller, Victory Music Review


“A possessor of fine, rare musical talent, Greenthal had moved the heart of everyone in the audience. The general consensus was that this Washington state-based artist had delivered one of the most satisfying, original concerts of the year.”

- Marblehead Reporter, Marblehead, MA


“Greenthal has won my respect, both for the honesty with which he addresses such potentially mawkish topics as aging and ecology, and for his stylishly eclectic blend of several different traditions: Celtic, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and classical.”

- Alexander Varty, The Georgia Strait, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


“Stanley Greenthal has won enormous praise for both his songwriting — he’s not afraid of politics, emotional or otherwise — and his eclectic sound.”

- Vermont Times

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