Turning Towards You

Turning Toward You

Stanley Greenthal — vocals, guitar, mandocello, tenor guitar, synthesizer, frame drum, and bodhran
Gary Haggerty — violin, viola, pennywhistles, frame drum, dumbek, riq, and egg-shaker
Tyrone Heade — Scottish smallpipes
Kip Greenthal — harmony vocals




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1. Light From Your Face —For my wife Kip, a song "...always of you."
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2. The Old Bridge of Mostar —An elegy for the renowned Old Bridge in the Bosnian city of Mostar, destroyed by gunners November 10, 1993. The four-century-old stone arch spanned the Neretva River, linking diverse cultures and peoples of the former Yugoslavia. I wrote the song after reading stories by people recalling their experiences of The Old Bridge.

3. Tsamiko Reflections —A composition based upon the Greek tsamiko (pronounced chamiko)— a traditional line-dance. We begin with a slow taksim in the Greek ousak mode, leading into two melodies and further improvisational reflections within this compelling rhythm. My sincere thanks to Ross Daly, a composer/instrumentalist of Irish descent who now lives in Greece, whose work within the musical traditions of Crete, the Near East, and Asia Minor inspired my writing this piece.

4. One Day —Written on Lopez Island at the turning of the year, 1994.

5. Raindance —A brief 7/8 dance tune with a symmetrical feel to it, an "even seven..."
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6. Your Bright Wings —This song is for those who strive to overcome the harm people inflict upon one another in the name of love or power.

7. Turning Towards You —Sometimes one travels a long way to find what is of most value, so close to home.
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8. Monroe —Written after visiting my father's grave, near the Saw Mill River, in New York State.

9. Medley from the Green Hill —A set of three Scottish-sounding tunes that came to me in our hilltop house on Lopez Island. The first two melodies are easy going— a lullaby or a gentle march— while the last one kicks in like riding a bicycle that has an out-of-round wheel... I have named it "Tyrone's Pipes," since I had his pipes in mind when I wrote it, and seems a fitting name for a piping tune.
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10. Midnight Sun —This song imagines how cut-off a person may become, how we see surface and yet know so little of a person's interior life.

11.This Love —A song that celebrates love in the swift passing of time. Not about falling in love or love's ending- Love that is present and enduring.
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